Samaritan Kits – Pickup Locations

For consideration to be added to one of our pickup locations list for Samaritan Kits, please provide your information below.

“The only tax-deductible subscription box that helps you serve others.”


To help reduce the cost to our subscribers, we are looking to setup a network of locations where people can pickup their monthly box. 


“But, how WILL that work?”

Step 1:

As a potential partner, you will need to fill in your email to signup as a pickup location. 

Step 2:

Once approved and added to our list, we will delegate your location to our subscribers nearest to you who have chosen to pickup their Samaritan Kit rather than having it directly mailed to them.

Step 2:

Once approved and added to our list, we will delegate your location to our subscribers nearest to you who have chosen to pickup their Samaritan Kit rather than having it directly mailed to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit is there for us to be a pickup location?

There are many benefits to being a pickup location. A few of these benefits include:

  1. For churches and schools, this is a great benefit for unification within your community. These kits provide a safe way to serve together; especially during these uncertain times. By offering your site as a pickup location and letting your congregation or student body and parents know about the kits, you will be able to help build up the sense of purpose and community that comes with serving together.
  2. If you are willing to have others come onto your site to pickup their kit, you will be able to increase your presence within your community and reach out to people that may not have known about you school, ministry or organization.
  3. By adding your site to our location list, you increase the ability for people to receive their kits without having to pay for the shipping costs to have their kit delievered to their home. This reduction in overall cost will help more people be able to receive kits, thus more people who will be served and blessed by the completed Samaritan Bags.

What types of locations are you looking for?

We are looking for large enough locations that traffic to and from the site will not become too congested. Locations like churches and schools tend to work out nicely as they have built in parking and traffic flows maped out. We are also looking for locations that will be able to support an increase in foot traffic from people coming to pick up their kits. What we look for in this regard is mainly the number of volunteers or employees that the site can provide. 

When will we hear if our location has been approved?

You should hear fairly quickly from our team on whether your location has been approved or not. Once approved, your site will be placed on our standby list.

Please Note: Approval as a pickup location does not guarantee that we will use your site right away. Sites will be delegated as demand in the area arises. If you have people at your location though that wish to subscribe to the Samaritan Kits and pickup from your location, your site would come off that standby list.

How will the locations be delegated?

We will allow subscibers the ability to choose the location that best works for them. They will be able to see a list of approved sites in their area. Once a location has been filled though, a subscriber will see that location as full and will be able to request to be put on a waitlist for when the site becomes available. 

For those that frequent your location, they will be automatically assigned to your site through the signup link provided to you.

How many people should we expect if our location is used?

This will all depend on the demand in the area and your ability to hand out the kits. As a rull of thumb, we estimate the number of people per location to be equal to the number of people at that location that are subscribers plus additional offsite subscribers. So, for a smaller location that could be around +50 and for a larger location that could be around +300. Our team will work with you to determine what the cap on kits will be for your location.

What if we only want people that normally come to our location to be able to choose our location?

If you only wish for people that frequent your location to be able to choose your site, then we will hide your location from the master list. Only people that signup through your specific signup link will be able to be added.

What exactly will be "picked up" ?

There are two things that can or will be picked up from your location if approved: 

  1. The monthly Samaritan Kits. You can find out more about these kits on this page: Samaritan Kits
  2. The completed bags. If you choose, you can also be a drop off location where people can bring their completed bags after assembly. Then, from there, local agencies that service people that would benefit from the bags can come and pick up the completed bags. 

How many of our people, or volunteers will we need to hand out the Kits?

This completely depends on how many kits you are handing out and when you will be handing them out. For instance, a church may only hand out the kits after their weekly service; in which case we would recommend 2 people per 50 kits being handed out. For a school, on the other hand, the kits can be handed out throughout the week, or on a given day. This reduces the strain on handing out the kits and thus could be done by fewer people. 

Will we need any specialized equipment?

At this time, you will not need any specialized equipment. We will provide you with a list of people that will be picking up the kits, and you can use that list to verify the recipient prior to giving them a kit. If any kits are not picked up, you can provide us with the names and we can send out a reminder email to the subscriber. 

Later on, we do plan on developing a tracking system for the kits which will enable easier checkout and dispersal of the kits. When this tracking system is completed, you will need one, maybe two smartphones or tablets that will have an internet connection. They can be either iOS or Android devices and will utilize a mobile application to scan and release the kits. 

Will you provide signage for us to use?

Once your site has been approved as a pickup location, and you have at least 10 people picking up kits from your location, we will be sending you specialized signage for you to use. Until that time, we will provide you wish printable signs via a digial download for you to use. 

“I’m in!!! What are my next steps?”

I am glad that you asked!

Whether you are wanting to receive a monthly Samaritan Kit, request to be a pickup or drop off location, or are wanting to partner with us through item donations; you will need to provide your email information for us to contact you. From there, you will receive automatic emails verifying your request and providing further details while you wait for one of our staff to get in touch. It’s that easy!


Select which option you are looking to do below and then fill in your email.

For consideration to be added to one of our pickup locations list, please provide your information below.

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