Samaritan Kits – Supply Partners

If you have a product that you would like to be considered to be placed in the Samaritan Kits, please provide your information below.

“The only tax-deductible subscription box that helps you serve others.”


If you produce or sell an item or items that you feel would be a benefit to the people groups that our Samaritan Bags are given to, we would love to hear from you. 

We can setup a monthly donation or bulk purchasing with you.


“But, how WILL that work?”

Step 1:

As a potential supply partner, you will need to fill in your email so that we can get in contact with you. 

Step 2:

Someone from our team will be in contact with you to discuss the item(s) that you would like us to use within our Samaritan Kits. 

Step 2:

Someone from our team will be in contact with you to discuss the item(s) that you would like us to use within our Samaritan Kits.

Step 3:

If it is decided that your item(s) would be a benefit to those that our Samaritan Bags serve, then we can setup the recurring donation or bulk purchasing agreement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit is there for us to become a supply partner?

There are many benefits to being a supply partner. A few of these benefits include:

  1. Tax Deduction: If you choose to donate the item(s) to us, then the cost of the items can become a tax deduction for your organization. You should talk with a tax consultant to determine how that tax-deduction could help your organziation.
  2. Product recognition: Your product will be seen by all of our subscribers, the employees at the organizations that receive the completed bags and the person that ultimately receives the bag.  
  3. Serve communities: By partnering with us, you will help bless communities of people that are often under-served and overlooked. 

What types of items are you looking for?

Currently our kits are developed for those who are homeless and or live in shelters. Though expansion to the following people groups is planned:

  • Isolated Seniors
  • Teachers at Title I schools
  • Incarcerated Persons
  • Refugees
  • Medical Professionals (Nurses and Doctors)
  • First Responders
  • Neighbors

As we are developing these future kits, we are interested in partnering with anyone that can help provide items that would service one of those groups.

For our current kits servicing the homeless population, we are currently accepting the following items (for a full list view this page):

  • Water
  • Non-perishable food (specifically food that will not melt or go bad in heat like granola bars)
  • Socks
  • Personal Care items (i.e. combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, masks)
  • Outreach Bibles
  • Large bags (Ziplock or string closing)

When will we hear from your team?

You should hear fairly quickly from our team. Though we do appreciate your patience as we are growing rather quickly and are working hard to reply to each inquiry in a timely manner. 

What are the benefits of donating versus the benefits of setting up a bulk purchasing agreement?

Whether to donate or setup a bulk purchasing agreement will be best determined by your business team; but, we are here to help along the way. We, of course, prioritize donations over bulk purchasing agreements as they provide a tax-deduction to our donors as well as drastically reducing our overhead costs and thus increasing the number of people whom we can provide a Samaritan Bag. That being said, a bulk purchasing agreement is also beneficial in that it provides your organization a revenue stream and provides our nonprofit with a stable and known cost for future budgeting purposes. 

How many of each item will you need each month?

Our goal for launch is 500 subscribers. Each subscriber equals one kit and each kit equals three bags. So, for launch we are estimating the need for 1,500 of each item with a guarantee for the first year of receiving the same each month for ongoing subscriptions. 

Depending on how our pre-launch marketing campaign goes, this number will fluctuate. We will be in constant contact with our supply partners in an effort to have a set number before the first shipments will need to be sent to us. 

Is there any marketing benefit to us being a supply partner?

Yes there is a marketing benefit. Along with having your item within the kits, thus being seen by our subscribers and those whom receive the bags, you will also have:

  1. marketing on our website showing the items that are provided in the kits.
  2. marketing in our pre-launch marketing campaign, which will include a crowdfunding initiative.
  3. provided copy, statistics and imaging for you to utilize in any marketing capacity that you see fit.

And for our supply partners whom donate their items, you will have:

  1. marketing on our website showing our donation partners.
  2. marketing in each kit on an information card indicating our supply partners whom have donated the items for the kits. 

How will our items be uilized?

Each month we will be shipping a box to each of our subscribers with enough items to build at least three Samaritan Bags. Your item(s) will be provided within those boxes… or as we are calling them, Samaritan Kits. 

When the subscribers receive their kits in the mail, or by picking them up from one of our location partners, they will have a small packing event with their family or friends to put together the bags. 

From there, they will either keep the bags with them in their car to hand out when they come across someone in need, or they will donate the bags to one of our receiving partners who will in turn provide them to someone who is in need. 

How many people come in contact with your kits?

This number is not easily calculated as we are just launching the Samaritan Kit program and do not have historic data to pull from. But, we estimate that each subscriber will represent a household of at least 3-4 people and they will be able to make at least 3 Samaritan Bags to hand out. So, on the low end, we estimate 6 people will be in contact with the items per kit.

If the subscriber picks up the kits from one of our location partners, that could add an additional 3-6 people, but not per kit. And if the subscriber drops off the bags at one of our receiving partners, that would be another 3-6 people; again, not per kit.

When you also add in our staff and volunteers who pack the kits. You are looking at around 200+ people that come in contact with the kits above the low estimate stated above. 

How can we track the usage of our items?

At this time we do not have a system to track the usage of items. Part of our launch campaign and crowdfunding is to develop a portal where you will be able see when your shipment of items have been received, when they have been placed within kits and then within bags, and then when those bags have been handed out. You will also be able to see when our supply of your item(s) is getting low.

Will you provide us with a donation receipt and/or information about our partnership?

We will provide you with copy regarding our partnership, which you will be able to utilize. We will also provide an end of the year summary of the donations that we have received from you for your tax preparation needs. We will just need to know when your fiscal year ends and when you will need that donation receipt.

When we have completed our portal for your use (see the FAQ on tracking usage of your donations), that donation receipt will be available within the portal and will be up-to-date each time a shipment is received from your organization. 

“I’m in!!! What are my next steps?”

I am glad that you asked!

Whether you are wanting to receive a monthly Samaritan Kit, request to be a pickup or drop off location, or are wanting to partner with us through item donations; you will need to provide your email information for us to contact you. From there, you will receive automatic emails verifying your request and providing further details while you wait for one of our staff to get in touch. It’s that easy!


Select which option you are looking to do below and then fill in your email.

If you have a product that you would like to be considered to be placed in the Samaritan Kits, please provide your information below.

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