Covid-19 Addendum

How to host a socially distant packing event

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, there are still ways to pack and distribute Samaritan Bags. Start by structuring your packing event with social distancing rules in mind. Have handwashing facilities or hand sanitizer readily available. Be sure to wear masks when gathering to pack or handing off supplies. Here are some ways you can modify your event for COVID-19: 

  • Host your event outside: If you have nice weather, take advantage of it. Parks and church parking lots would work well. 
  • Relay race: If you have a youth group then you can send one down the assembly line at a time when they reach the end send the next. Keep them separated as they go and see which team can finish first. 
  • Rather than a large gathering where everyone packs in an assembly line, you may want to have participants fill bags on their own (our store works great for this), which they would then carry to give out to those who need one. Your organization may want to set up a Facebook page for your event so that people can share photos, swap ideas, and feel connected.  
  • Get creative! Samaritan Bags aren’t just for the homeless – essential workers like hospital workers, grocery store clerks, and mail carriers are all on the front lines of the current health crisis. Samaritan Bags make great care/appreciation packages for these folks.  

    Even if your state has lifted COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, check with local churches and organizations for their social distancing rules.