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What Goes in a Samaritan Bag?

Bottled Water

Immediate Needs

  • Bottled Water  
  • Non-Perishable Food Items (must be heat tolerant)
  • Information on local health and housing resources and transportation services
Hygeine Kit

Continuing Needs

  • Socks or gloves 
  • Personal Care items 
    • Toothbrush/Toothpaste 
    • Deodorant 
    • Basic first aid kit 
    • Hand sanitizing wipes 
    • Comb/brush 
    • Washcloth 
    • Sunscreen 
    • Chapstick 
    • Travel-size soap
CSA Bible

Eternal Needs

  • Full-size outreach Bible
  • Cards with encouraging messages, prayers, or scripture
  • Directions to local churches with homeless ministries, as well as who to contact for travel arrangements

    Essentials and extras

    • Bags to hold everything
    • Masks for packers and for the bags
    • Labels for the bags

      How to Host A Packing Event

      • Get the word out about your event. Packing events can be as small as family-sized to multi-church events. Figure out what is going to work for you and let people know.


      • In the weeks leading up to your packing event, gather items to be donated. A great way of doing this is by getting your church or workplace involved. Provide a list of items that go into Samaritan Bags (toiletries, socks, small bibles, etc). If you have a few gaps in your donations, check out our shop page for our recommendations for products we like to include in Samaritan Bags.


      • Establish an assembly line – it’s a  good idea to make sure the items you’ve gathered fit into the bags beforehand so there’s no awkward scramble the day of.


      • Get packing! Crank some music and make things fun.  Designate someone to take photos that could go up on your group’s Facebook page later.  

      COVID-19 Addendum

      Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, your packing events might look a bit different than normal. Click here to see how you can modify events to keep yourself and others safe while meeting the needs of those in need. 

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