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Is your business or organization looking for a mobile service project to help those in your community? Samaritan Bags is here to help!  

Samaritan Bags provides personal care and non-perishable items for those in vulnerable situations. In addition to immediate need items being on-hand, information and resources are provided: where to go for a hot meal, a bed for the night, and to find health and housing services. The goal is not to provide a one-time gift that may be gone within a day. Our mission is to provide community help for those in need, by addressing their immediate and ongoing needs.


Business Happy

your business can feel the benefits

  • Corporate team bonding-Your employees will work together and have a real tangible product and number of people that will be helped because of their efforts. 
  • Caring for the vulnerable in your community 
  • Living out the Good Samaritan’s example and fulfilling civic duty 
  • And since we’re a nonprofit, your business could write off the costs as a donation during tax time – check with your finance/accounting teams to see if your business qualifies.

We Make it Easy To Help Your Community

  • Samaritan Bags packing events are scalable can be done whether you’re an office of 3 or 300 
  • The mobility of Samaritan Bags means they can be packed on-site – saving you time and logistics.
  • Packing events are also age-inclusive, which means it’s great for family-based corporate events.  
  • Not only are you helping to provide essential needs for those in your community who are vulnerable, but you get the added benefit of good PR by being a good community partner. 
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What's next? Here's how we can help

  • We’ll offer guidance on what to pack, and provide Samaritan Bags branding and printables you can display around your business to build excitement and spread the word.  
  • We can help you curate your event – shop our amazon store and receive a customized shopping cart, as well as discount towards bulk purchases for larger events. If you need to purchase for a larger event, we can connect you with our vendor partners to help.  
  • We’ll provide your event with a personalized fundraising page via our fundraising partner, Network for Good. 


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